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Hello everyone. I’m Sayantan Dhar, a 12 yrs experienced  Maths and Science group teacher residing in Kolkata, India.

By qualification I’m a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering and MBA in Marketing .

I feel very glad to introduce myself as a Mathematics and Science group teacher and being able to successfully provide help for Pure, Vedic Mathematics and Science Group (Physics and Chemistry) to students across the globe, studying between Grades K – 10 in different education boards across the world.

Sayantan Dhar - Founder

In this context, I would like to provide you some information about my own background.

I started my career as an Assistant Manager Study Centre in an Educational Institute in Kolkata, in mid 2008, after completing my MBA and  with passage of time I gradually moved to full time tutoring of Mathematics and Science Group, which was my dream since my schooling days.

This is actually the 10th year of my teaching career.

Over the years, I’ve worked with many Online Tutorials, teaching Pure and Vedic Maths to students of different boards across the globe, studying between grades K -10, from different countries like USA, UK, SOUTH AFRICA, AUSTRALIA, UAE and also provided  face-to-face (only for students residing in Kolkata,India) and  online tutoring for students from different parts of India.

At the same time, I’ve also worked as a Content Developer of Mathematics for about 4 years now.

Speaking about myself, I can say:

  1. I enjoy teaching more than anything else

  2. I try to make a difference in the mental upbringing of a student

  3. I spread positivity

  4. I always give more than 100%

  5. I like to stay organised

  6. I’m open minded and

  7. I always try to inspire a student

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