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Sruti Bannerjee (Mother of Mayank Bannerjee)

Hi. Sayantan has been teaching my son from December 2016. He is sincere and particular in his teaching!  He explains concepts nicely and handles students with patience!! He is soft spoken and friendly to the children!! My son likes to spend time with him!! He also respects and listens to parent's feedback and guidance and also implements the suggestions on his work!! He is meticulous!! I recommend his teaching to all the aspiring students!!
Thank you

Mou Chakraborty (Mother of Aditya Chakraborty)

Sayantan Dhar is an excellent teacher with superb teaching skills.. The students enjoy his way of teaching..He gives good explanations in maths which encourages the students to study the subjects more than they usually used to do...

Chandrani Mukherjee (Mother of Aditya Mukherjee)

Mr.Sayantan is teaching my son since January 2018. He is an experienced and knowledgeable teacher. His teaching technique creates interest among students and make them feel  comfortable.

Shubhash Ganguly (Father of Sahil Ganguly)

We, as parents, are very happy with Sayantan's teaching technique and ability and Sahil's improvement.

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